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Korean first Formula One Grand Prix at Yeongnam

Yeongnam is a small region 400 Km from Seoul. The region includes the modern-day provinces of North and South Gyeongsang and the self-governing cities of Busan, Daegu, and Ulsan. Today the name of Yeongnam become popular as it will be used as the place for Formula One Grand Prix Track.

As a big economy country, South Korea still never host Formula One (F1) grand prix. But the successful of hosting FIFA WOrld Cup 2002 with Japan 8 years ago, it seems that South Korea will host its first grand prix this year.

The event will be held in Yeongam in the south-west of the country. South Korea is spending millions of dollars on the track in Yeongam county and officials are confident the Korean Grand Prix, set for October 17, will quickly make its mark. The debut Korean Grand Prix is set for October 17, 2010, in Yeongnam, South Jeolla Province. The F1 track was designed by Herman Tilke.

Work is in progress at the 5.6km site, 320km south of the capital Seoul, where seating to accommodate 135,000 spectators is being built. Organizers say the main circuit will include Asia’s longest straight stretch of 1.2km which will allow speeds of up to 320km per hour. Construction of the circuit and associated infrastructure began in November 2007 and was initially scheduled for completion in July. But even in mid-September, cars and trucks still whizzed around the track in an effort to meet the deadline.

Among the 10 best automobile industry powerhouses, Korea will be the last to host the F1: within Asia, Korea will host the F1 after Japan, Malaysia, China, Bahrain, and Singapore. This will be also an opportunity for the F1 Korea Grand Prix hosting venue, Jellanam-do to attain global recognition. The F1 will increase the popularity of motor sports in Korea, and speed up its development as a future oriented sports culture that is strongly linked to the development of the automobile industry, a powerful driving force of a nation’s economy.

The 5.6-kilometre (3.5 mile) circuit is being constructed on 172 hectares (425 acres) of reclaimed land alongside an artifical seaside lake.

A separate three-kilometre circuit will be used for domestic events.

KAVO (Korea Auto Valley Operation) will host the F1 race once a year for seven years under the FIA deal, with an option to extend for five years if arrangements are satisfactory.

The race is scheduled to begin in October, from the 22nd to 24th at the International Korean Circuit, Yeongam. Ticket prices range from 117,000 won ($100) to 920,000 won ($800), Korea Times said.


FORMULA 1 KOREAN GRAND PRIX was held at KIC (Korea International Circuit). The Korea International Circuit is located approximately 370 km from Seoul. Situated in the southwestern part of the Korean peninsula, Jeollanam-do lies at the heart of the Northeast Asian region.

For overseas visitors, the closest airport is Muan Airport (30 minutes) or Gwangju Airport (70 minutes), while Gimpo International Airport is approximately 335 km away

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Photos and Pictures from Korean Yeongnam Formula One Grand Prix

2010 Formula One Korean Grand Prix
2010 Formula One Korean Grand Prix Track

2010 Formula One Korean Grand Prix Event
2010 Formula One Korean Grand Prix Event

Korean International Circuit
Korean International Circuit

Korean International Circuit Main Grandstand
Korean International Circuit Main Grandstand

South Korean GP Circuit Stand
South Korean GP Circuit Stand

South Korean Grand Prix Track
South Korean Grand Prix Track

Yeongnam Formula One
Yeongnam Formula One

Watch F1 Korea Yeongam Formula 1 Flying Lap Track Preview 2010 Season - Simulation Video here

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