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Incheon korea city best bars clubs tourism places

Incheon (인천, 仁川), also Inchon, is a metropolitan city and a major seaport in South Korea on the coast directly to the west of Seoul.

Incheon's official city flower, the rose, is abundant in the summer, climbing over walls and fences. Even the subway route into Seoul from Incheon is lined with roses and beautifully-tended shrubbery.

Nightlife in Incheon is so wonderful, One of the most famous nightlife in Incheon ins Goose Goose.

Goose Goose located in Bupyeong near the train station is perhaps the most well-known expat bar in the city. To Find Goose Goose, locate Starbucks and then look for The Body Shop. From the Body Shop, walk down the side street (perpendicular to the main street) to the next block and turn right. Walk down about half a block and look up to your right. You will see a huge sign. The entrance goes downstairs to the bar. Another popular bar located near the Goose is Woodstock. However instead of turning left towards The Body Shop, turn right and Woodstock is less than 20 meters from the corner. There is also Wild Bill's in Galsan.

Best Incheon bars, Incheon Nightlife, Incheon Clubs are listed here :
1. Goose Goose, Bupyeong. A western pub where many English teachers and other foreigners go, although things get rowdy sometimes.
2. Rock Bar, Bupyeong. Very cheap beer, 6,000 won for 2000CC. Watch out for rats in the toilets.
3. Woodstock, Buyeong.
4. 66, Yeonsu.

Best places to go and best things to do in Incheon, including port, shopping, city, and park.

1. The islands around Incheon
2. Full House
3. The sea and shorelines
4. Incheon City
5. Incheon International Airport
6. Hangang River
7. Incheon Port
8. General MacArthur Monument
9. Chinatown
10. Wolmi-do
11. Songdo Resort
12. Jayu Park Jayu (Freedom)

Jayu Walk Way
Walking in Jayu Walk Way in Incheon

Incheon City
Incheon City nowaday

Watch SEOUL KOREA Suttle subway Incheon airport Video here

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