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Busan Nightlife nightclub Places and beach

Busan Metropolitan City, or Pusan (부산) is the largest port city in the Republic of Korea. It is known also as "Rio De Janeiro of South Korea", because it has beautiful seashores and ports. Busan (Pusan) is Korea's second largest city with close to 4 million people. It also serves as the country's main port for international cargo, as well as passenger ferries to Japan and Jeju Island. The city is famous for its seafood and beaches, as well as the Hallyosudo Waterway with its picturesque islands

Busan has a lot of wonderful nighlife places. In many parts of the city, you can find big Nightclubs in the Korean style. This usually means you are expected to have a table, and usually must order anju (side dishes) with your drinks. They tend to insist on proper dress (no tank tops, ratty clothes, etc.) and tend to be a bit pricey. Sometimes they have lip-synch bands, 'animators', or some other stage entertainment. There is of course a lot of dancing, usually with the people you came with although it is possible to meet people.

The Korean nightclub scene, like the general social scene in Korea, leans toward established groups and not so much free mingling as Westerners may be accustomed to. Feel it out. There have been cases of foreigners being ejected from nightclubs for dressing too 'down' or being a little too aggressive in their social advances. On the other hand, you can meet many Koreans who will be happy to make a new friend, buy you a drink, or spin around the floor with you.

Busan's close proximity to the ocean give it milder winters than other places in Korea, enabling people to enjoy the night life in more comfort than other areas. As a major port of call for international shipping, the harbor area has a thriving district that caters to the thousands of sailors and other visitors who pass through each year. Busan's younger generation frequents the "3 daes" of Busan: Haeundae, Taejongdae, and Pusandae (the Korean name for Pusan National University).

Busan favourite Night Life , Busan Spa, Busan Beach are listed here :
1. Dongnae Spa
2. Gukje Market
3. Gwangalli Beach
4. Haeundae Beach
5. Pusan National University
6. Seomyeon
7.Texas Street

Nightlife view in Busan City

Busan Nightlife
Busan Nightlife

Watch Busan Beach Haeundae Nightlife video here

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