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Seoul Goyang City Best Bars Cafe Clubs Korean

Seoul is not only a city that is renowned for its natural attractions, but it is also known for its unlimited entertainment options. Things to do in the city are countless and one of the major sources of entertainment in the city is the bars and pubs in Seoul. The bars and pubs in the city are world class and contribute considerably to the Seoul's nightlife.

Some of the popular bars and pubs of Seoul are Aura Bar, Groove Bar and Embassy Lounge Bar.

There are a million bars in Seoul. They can be basically lumped into 5 categories:
1. Western Bars -- this doesn't mean there will be any western people, just lots of beer. Number 10, Wa Bar and others fall into this category.
2. Real Western Bars -- replete with real western people. And you can actually stand by the bar.
3. Korean bars -- Places that serve different Korean liquors.
4. Soju Tents -- Little tents set up serving Soju. Often frequented by middle-aged men and less expensive than any other places.
5. Juicy Bars -- The deal here is that you go in and a girl (employee of the bar) will sit down and chat with you, usually wearing skimpy clothing. She'll ask, "Can you buy me a drink" and the drink will cost 20 000 won. Apparently half of the price of a drink will go directly to the girl working there.
6. Nightclubs -- Entertaining if you're feeling frisky. The waitstaff will drag unaccompanied girls to your table to enjoy your company and alcohol for as long as you're able to keep their attention. You're free to send them away when you get bored, and they're likewise free to leave if you're a lout.

Best bars, cafe, and clubs in Seoul City
1. JJ's
Housed in the basement of the Hyatt hotel in Discover JJ's
Itaewon, JJ’s is a popular ex-pat to hang out in the nite.

2. Mafia Bar
A hard-to-find gem in typically upscale Apku-Jong Dong where the hottest stars can be found Discover Mafia Bar
in the hippest bars…

3. Mr. Chow
The exclusive restaurant chain of mercurial designer, painter, actor and art collector Michael Discover Mr. Chow
Chow has now opened in Seoul.

4. Nashville Steak House
Enjoy the best steak in the town.

Here are a few pics of Sinchon in Seodaemun-gu. Seodaemun is located west of Jongno on the way to Goyang-city (one of the biggest Seoul suburbs). Along with Gwancheoldong, Hongdae, Daehangno, Myeongdong, and Gangnam station, Sinchon is a very popular hangout area for the youth. This is probably due to several universities being located nearby, such as Yonsei (one of Korea's most prestigious tertiary-level schools).

Seoul Bars
Seoul Bars

Watch Wa Bar, a nightlife bar in Seoul City video here

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